About KSM

When it comes to kiteboarding lessons on Maui, KSM has some of the best, most dedicated and passionate kiteboarding instructors in the world.

KSM team's primary goals are to help reduce the frustration level of learning kiteboarding and to accelerate the learning curve. All of KSM's kiteboarding lessons offer one-on-one instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. This formula, which has proven extremely successful, allows instructors to tailor each kiteboarding lesson to individual learning rates and needs. As a result, KSM students become independent kiteboarders more quickly and safely.

KSM distinguishes itself from other kiteboarding schools on Maui by having a flexible team. We understand that this is your vacation, we are here to work around your travel plans. Just let us know what you need from gear to lessons to supervision and we will provide you with the most professional, safe and accommodating service on Maui.

KSM staff and instructors look forward to working with you and making this experience a safe and fun one and helping you discover a real kiteboarding passion!

  • Maui Revealed - The Ultimate Guidebook
    The best place to learn is Kiteboarding School of Maui...We like how KSM does their lessons...
    Maui Revealed - The Ultimate Guidebook
  • Lonely Planet, Maui
    Kiteboarding School of Maui is the premier kiteboarding operation on Maui.
    Lonely Planet, Maui
  • Moon Handbooks - Maui
    Perhaps the premier organization offering lessons and equipment is the Kiteboarding School of Maui.
    Moon Handbooks - Maui
  • Cary Ritt
    We have been working with Kiteboarding School of Maui (KSM) since the business began in 1999. I also have had the pleasure of a long term working relationship with them for many years now and aspire to continue to work with his company for many years to come.
    Cary Ritt
    Owner/Manager, Maui Vacation Advisors
  • Randolph S. Coon
    The main reason I enrolled my 15 year old son in Kiteboarding School of Maui was because I knew that their first concern would be his safety. Secondly, I knew that they would be sensitive to the local environment. Finally, I wanted to support someone who was so uncommonly committed to helping make Maui a better place for all of us.
    Randolph S. Coon
    President, Trilogy Excursions
  • Kevin Ozee
    We refer all of our kiteboarding lessons to the Kiteboarding School of Maui. They offer professional, individual instruction at great rates.
    Kevin Ozee
    President, Neil Pryde Maui
  • Rick Ortiz
    Every August and since the first Kite Surf event in August 2000, Kiteboarding School of Maui has held an event for youth involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. They wanted to give youth the opportunity to experience something they may never have had the chance to, while maintaining safety.
    Rick Ortiz
    Program Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui